Why should your business be using Social Media?

soical media page .jpgSocial Media now plays a vital role in the marketing world and can help you raise substantial awareness for your brand/business, so why would you want to miss out on such a great opportunity? Not forgetting the fact that it’s also FREE.

Social Media isn’t all about being inventive and creative, most of us haven’t got the time to be creating our own social media brand. This doesn’t matter though, quite simply the easiest strategy is to find a business/person who does it well and we all know them so it shouldn’t be too difficult, then use their page as your inspiration (try not to copy too much though, it’s always nice to have a little personal touch). Just remember though, these businesses/people started with 0 followers/likes too, so don’t feel to disheartened if it doesn’t all happen at once- that would be great but it’s simply impossible because it requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

So you’ve never used Social Media? Well as of March 2016 42% of marketers report that Facebook is crucial for their business. Surely that’s enough to encourage you to join the Social Media hype?

The BIG question is HOW? How do I do it so that i’m successful?
Let us help.

So to begin with it is key that you are aware of the audience that you’re targeting. If it’s young make it bright, short and interesting, those who are older prefer more meaningful posts so a catchy title will soon grip their interest and if it’s varied make sure it’s combination of all strategies. Most importantly though, your posts must interest viewers- first impressions count and if someone engages with a status/photo once they are more likely to respond to other activity that you have online.

Secondly, make sure that your page is reaching a local and national audience to increase your brand awareness. This can be difficult, however, some forms of Social Media such as Facebook (the King of Social Media, with over 1.65 billion users worldwide) allow you to pay to promote your page; encouraging a wider audience to like your page with adverts down the side of their screen or even the ability to boost more important posts so that they reach more people. One of the newer yet very popular sites is Instagram (we would only advise using this if you regularly post interesting photos) on here when you write a post and use a hashtag at the end the hashtag you choose will show how many people use it worldwide- the higher the usage, the more people you will attract. Some of the most popular hashtags are #love #photooftheday #follow find more on http://www.shortstack.com/75-popular-instagram-tags-you-should-be-using

Next, it is an effective tool at helping you improve customer service. Social Media is most renowned as a place where people can really express their opinions (alternatively known as ‘keyboard warriors’) and whether this opinion is a good or bad one, everyone will soon be jumping on the bandwagon and joining in. Some might see this as a potential issue, however it will most certainly help you to improve your customer service, we can’t please everyone and if someone was to be unhappy at least you could then apologise to them over the internet and everyone can see that you’re a professional business who always take on feedback even when it’s negative. This would be unusual and for the majority of the time your happy customers would be letting all of their friends know about the great service that they’ve received and in no time you’ll be interacting with new customers.

Also a strong Social Media presence can help businesses gain market share, Social Media is becoming such an effective marketing tool that for many people, if they can see that your company has a successful and popular Social Media page, they trust that you would be the better choice for them. That just goes to show how powerful this strategy is, so it doesn’t always count if you have a great website or a strong SEO campaign, if you’re not investing in the complete package then the chances are that you are going to miss out on some customers business.

Furthermore, it’s important that you build strong relationships and network with your customers. Investing time in Social Media can really pay off, it may seem like a lot of work but it’s always nice for a customer to feel acknowledged in person so what’s the difference online? If someone likes your page or comments on your posts don’t ignore them, let them know that you value them and their opinion, and that you’re glad that they’re supporting you. At the same time interact with customers, don’t wait for them to come to you, if it looks cool/interesting comment, this comment will then be seen by all of their follows and the chances are they’ll click through to your page and generate into a lead.

We mentioned above about the fact that Social Media is free (don’t worry it still is) but maybe it’s important that we explain a little bit more. So yes, great news Social Media is a completely free marketing tool that’s right at your fingertips. But be aware, if some businesses seem to be doing better than you but you can’t really see what you’re doing that’s any different this could be because they’ve chosen to invest in promotional ads and campaigns- these are a very effective tool to increase your brand awareness in a short amount of time. However if you’re willing to update your page at least once a day with an interesting post then you too will climb to the top, it will take a little longer but at least your followers will be organic (a potential issue with paid ads).

We hope this helps to clarify why Social Media is so important to the success of your business online. Feel free to use all the tips and tricks that we’ve included. In a nutshell we think Social Media is AWESOME.





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